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To submit a ticket to the Technology Department, please fill out the form below. When you fill out the form, please make sure to include as much information about your issue as possible, as this will help the Technology Department to aid in a quick response and resolution. The SCHS ticketing system should only be used for submitting ticket requests which pertain to St. Catherine's High School owned resources such as your iPad. Please do not submit ticket requests for assistance with privately owned equipment. Before you submit a Help Desk ticket regarding your iPad problem, please close down all of your Apps and completely turn off your iPad and restart your iPad.  If this does not solve the problem fill out the Help Desk form below. 

Memo Regarding Punishable iPad Behavior (from Zac Pawlowski, Technology Director) 

I am hearing disturbing tales about iPads being taken out of their protective cases.  This is cause for concern as that is technically a Level 2 offense.  The vast majority of damaged iPads this year have occurred when students have removed an iPad from it's case.  The only reason the screen cover should ever come off is on the rare occasion that the plastic protector needs more cleaning than a soft dry cloth can provide. Even then, the iPad should not be fully taken out of the rest of the case. 

Taking the iPad out the case to allow an over-sized headphone jack to fit, an iPad dock, or because a student likes the look of shiny aluminum, is strictly against the rules regardless if they are at home or school.  An iPad damaged while out of it's case is always going to cost money to repair.  In most circumstances, Apple sets this fee at about $300.  Even if your family purchased additional insurance with accidental damage protection, the cost to get the it fixed can run over $100.

The iPad is incredibly durable and less than 3% have had to be replaced this year.  However, it is not indestructible and every time it is dropped, it will get worse.  This is a device your student will likely be using for your several years and if it is cared for will serve them well.

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