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Today is Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017; We are on an “A” day, Step Schedule.

If you have lost any jewelry, or key chains, glasses, small handbags or any type of small items, please stop by the showcase outside of the office and claim it.

Information about Final Exam Days

(Friday May 26, Tuesday, May 30 and Wednesday, May 31)

All students - Dress down day

Students do not have to dress in uniforms but must follow these guidelines:

NO sliders (Sandals should have a back)

NO leggings or tights

NO holes in clothing

Sweats are OK

ONLY St. Catherine’s hoodies are allowed


The following pertains to High School Students only:

High School ONLY

Students may come to school late if they have a study hall the first period of that day.

·         Parents must call the office.

·         Students must sign in at the office.

Students may leave the last period of the day if they have a study hall.

·         Parents must call the office.

·         Students must sign out.


Students may not leave school and return the same day.


Students MUST enter and exit through Door 1 only after 7:15 am.

This list is posted outside the main office if you have any questions, please stop by!


During STEP:

All 8th Graders, please report to the auditorium for Graduation practice.

AP Bio students that signed up for next year, please report to room 309 during STEP.

HS Student Council meeting in Library Conference room.


Today’s Lunch is: Pasta Bake w/ Salad, Green Beans, and a Fruit Choice

Tomorrow’s Lunch is: Pancakes w/ Ham & Eggs, Tater Tots and a Fruit Choice.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!