Students please read....

All student iPads will be collected in a special period immediately after final exams. Make sure that you have the iPad and all the accessories ready to turn in. Bring the iPad in its case, the satchel with the shoulder strap, and the charger. Make sure the satchel is empty of all personal property. Only the iPad and charger should be in the satchel.  During summer maintenance, all student iPads will be erased, deleting all your files and apps stored on the iPad. 

If you have any files that you wish to keep beyond the end of the school year, it is recommended that you store them in the e-portfolio section of eBackpack (the my files section might be erased), Google Drive, email them to yourself or find some other method of transferring them off of the iPad. Once school resumes, you will be able to reinstall all your previous apps, but you will have to restore your old files from whichever personal backup method you choose.

Unless you are in 8th grade transitioning to 9th, you will be receiving the exact same iPad next school year. This is another reason why it is especially important that you take proper care of this device.

Device inspections will be conducted during the summer maintenance routine to confirm that no excessive damage has occurred to theiPad, charger, case or satchel. Families will be notified if damage has occurred and payment for repairs will be assessed.

Please contact Zac Pawlowski or Brian Hogan if you have any questions about this process.

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